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What problems can be solved with remote assistance?

Remote computer assistance

What can be done with the TeamViewer remote support module?

Among the many computer problems, remote administration of your device can solve the following problems:

  • Computer setup
  • Setting up laptops
  • Setting up printers
  • Setting up netbooks
  • Tablet setup
  • Skype computer help
  • Comprehensive maintenance of your PC;
  • Comprehensive setup of your PC;
  • Windows Update Update – 3X/95/98/Millennium;
  • Windows Update Update – NT Workstation;
  • Windows Update Update – 2000/XP;
  • Windows Update Update – Vista/7/8/10;
  • Family OS updates update – Linux;
  • Updating Mac OS X updates;
  • Setting up autorun programs when loading the OS;
  • Installing a service pack (Service Pack);
  • Installation of office programs with a free license;
  • Installation of Microsoft Office programs of any version (97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/365);
  • Activation of licensed software in the presence of the Internet;
  • Installing the program (including demo versions);
  • Installing language packs for software;
  • Change desktop wallpaper, screensavers, change system sounds, customize the look of folders and interface, rename programs, sort icons .;
  • Installing and configuring browsers for viewing Internet pages (setting the start page, speed, security, creating bookmarks, design, and many others);
  • Installing and configuring games;
  • Search and download software from the Internet;
  • Installing and configuring drivers;
  • Search for drivers on the Internet (for non-standard devices) under the order;
  • Recording all drivers on the customer’s disk or on any other removable media;
  • Setting up / connecting a second monitor, TV;
  • Search and removal of viruses, trojans, keyloggers, etc. on the hard drive;
  • Search and removal of viruses, trojans, keyloggers, etc. on removable drives;
  • Unlock Windows SMS ransomware;
  • Removal of malware that is not a virus, but which can harm the system and contains vulnerabilities;
  • Installing anti-virus software (with updating anti-virus databases);
  • Reinstallation of anti-virus software (with updating of anti-virus databases);
  • Full configuration of anti-virus software (configuration: firewall, automatic program updates, to enable scanning at a certain time, and so on);
  • Installation of additional protection in the form of a firewall / firewall;
  • Installing modules in browsers to block unwanted ads and pop-ups;
  • Installing modules in browsers that allow you to download music and videos from social networks and video sites;
  • Installing and configuring programs for working with graphics;
  • Installation and configuration of any messenger programs for communication (ICQ, Skype, Agent, Yahoo Messenger, AOL, etc.);
  • Installing and configuring the mail program;
  • Connecting and setting up a new PC or laptop;
  • Bluetooth / IrDA / 1394 controller configuration;
  • Installation and configuration of an external device (printer, scanner, MFP, digital camera, web-camera);
  • Installation and configuration of an external device (projector, TV tuner, and other devices);
  • System optimization (increase in PC speed);
  • Removing unnecessary software;
  • Installing and configuring programs with the Parental Control function that allow you to block the opening of unwanted sites and applications;
  • Installing programs on a PC (“parental control”) to prohibit viewing sites with scenes of violence, porn, alcohol and nicotine products, as well as advertising;
  • Creation of restrictions in the rights of the account;
  • Removing a forgotten password from a PC user account;
  • Setting a password for a PC user account;
  • Installation and configuration of the bank-client system (Internet banking);
  • Installing and configuring the Quick system to work on the MICEX and RTS if you have a distribution kit for the program and a contract with a financial institution;

As well as many other services (including computer repair), in the format of “remote computer assistance”.

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